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International Hydro B.V.

Dutch hydro power specialist International Hydro B.V. develops, renovates, owns and operates hydro power plants in several European countries.

The company’s purpose is to build / acquire, renovate and operate (small) hydro power plants (size: 400 kW – 20 MW) in order to produce renewable electricity which is in most cases sold to the local energy companies under long lasting government guaranteed contracts. In that respect, International Hydro can probably best be seen as an electrical power production company, using small hydro power plants to produce its electricity.

The strategy is to both build new power plants and/or acquire existing power plants and renovate these to high standards in order to operate them profitably for the long run (build and hold strategy).

The main focus of International Hydro is to handpick the most interesting sites and plants, renovate them and then optimize operations for the long run. International Hydro mainly operates in countries that have clear and predictable water right policies and good (government backed) feed-in structures in place that guarantee a predictable and stable cash flow over a large number of years.

Most European countries have these kind of water right policies and feed-in structures for hydro power in place, but they differ from one country to another. France and Germany are examples of countries where there water rights and feed-in structures are clear and attractive for small hydro power plants. International Hydro B.V. focusses its activities on these two countries, as well as on the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Since 2008, the company has developed 13 hydro power projects, in locations such as Remse and Trendelburg (Germany), Stenay, Lachapelle, Mirepeix and Sorde l’Abbaye (France) and Borgharen (the Netherlands).



International Hydro B.V.

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